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Our Services

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Helping determine where our clients want to go and how to get there


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Identifying strengths, opportunities for improvement, and optimal design


Measuring organizational health and managing transformation

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Strategic &
Implementation Planning

We work with our clients to map out a clear path to success by offering support in the following areas.

  • Developing detailed strategic plans and implementation plans

  • Identifying their strategic priorities and short- and long-term vision, goals, and objectives

  • Engaging with key stakeholders, internally and externally, to develop a clear sense of their needs and perceptions (e.g., executive/staff retreats, planning sessions, workshops, community meetings)

  • Determining the concrete steps they can take to achieve success, informed by data analysis and research on best practices and other topics

  • Identifying the resources they'll need to accomplish their goals

  • Developing feedback mechanisms to help ensure that activities are carried out on time and on budget

  • Creating communication strategies to keep key stakeholders apprised of progress

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Organizational & Operational
Assessments & Design

We help our clients develop a deeper understanding of their organization, their opportunities, and areas where they can grow. We do this by offering help with the following.

  • Conducting detailed organizational assessments to determine how well they are structured to deliver on their mission and goals

  • Performing program and process evaluations to determine how well they are producing desired outcomes and impacts

  • Performing analyses of their operations and policies to identify ways they can improve their performance; including budget/financial modeling and stakeholder engagement through meeting facilitation (e.g., focus groups, executive retreats, workshops)

  • Developing new customized organizational and operational designs, informed by national best practices, to meet the organization's current and future needs

Performance &
Change Management

We work with our clients to gain insight into the health of their organizations by developing tools that leaders can use to inform decision making. We also provide help with steering organization through major changes. We do this through support around the following.

  • Determining what aspects of their organization's operations would be most useful to measure

  • Creating real-time performance dashboards that provide quick and easy access to critical information on how well the organization is functioning

  • Developing change management plans to guide their organizations and teams through major changes and transformations

  • Providing implementation support for successful roll outs and transitions; including assistance with new/existing program implementation

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