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TCCG in the Community

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One of our core beliefs is that a company should not simply exist in a city, but should be an integral and contributing part of it.  To that end, and as an expression of our values, The Caulfield Consulting Group (TCCG) donated a percentage of its profits to supporting organizations working to improve communities across the cities where we're based. 


TCCG selected a diverse array of community organizations for support and provided funds in the form of Community Collaboration Grants that groups could use toward a variety of activities and community investments, which included:


  • Helping a local charter school to sponsor a college visitation trip for its students


  • Helping a neighborhood association to host a safe and fun trick-or-treating celebration for more than 700 area children

  • Enabling a community organization to make investments that help improve public safety in their neighborhood

  • Supporting a college preparation program for girls who are high school seniors


  • Providing Thanksgiving dinner for local senior citizens


Founded on principles of empowerment, we are committed to helping communities grow through partnership and investment.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

--African Proverb

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