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Our Work

Strategic & Implementation
Planning Projects

The Caulfield Consulting Group (TCCG) has successfully completed a variety of strategic and implementation planning projects for clients in multiple sectors.

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City of New Orleans, LA

Infrastructure Improvement

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City of Albany, NY Community Investment

Community Investment

The City of Albany, NY sought to equitably and transparently provide $25 million in American Rescue Plan funding  to local organizations doing work around education, housing, health care, and other priority topics. TCCG worked with partner consultants, City leaders, and community experts to design and conduct a process to solicit/review more than 140 project proposals. This helped the City's leaders identify the most impactful projects and maximize the benefit of its investments in Albany's families and communities.

Infrastructure Improvement

The City of New Orleans, LA was seeking options for funding the extensive repairs needed for its streets and other roadway infrastructure. TCCG worked with a partner consulting firm to identify steps the City could take based on its existing resources and the additional funding sources it could develop. Informed by analysis and in-depth market research, the team presented the City's leadership with a set of revenue options that would generate an estimated $4.3 billion in new funding over a 30-year period.

Career Pipeline Initiative

The Calcasieu Parish (County) School Board and City of Lake Charles, LA sought to strengthen the career pipeline for the area's youth. The goal was to ensure that they had access to careers in high-growth industries, which were expected to bring more than $60 billion in investments to the region over the next several years. TCCG supported the team that identified the gaps in the current pipeline as well as steps that could be taken to improve participation by underrepresented groups.

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Calcasieu Parish Schools

Career Pipeline Initiative

Youth Career Pipeline Program

Calcacieu Parish (County) Schools and the City of Lake Charles, LA sought to strengthen the career pathways for young people. The aims was to help ensure that they could access careers in high-grow industries in the region; which were expected to bring more $60 billion invest over the next several years. TCCG supported a team that identified gaps in the current pipeline, work with re


City of Houston, TX

Ten-Year Financial Plan

Ten-Year Financial Plan

The City of Houston was looking to create a ten-year strategic plan for managing its multi-billion dollar annual operating budget. TCCG worked as part of a consulting team that engaged with City leaders and performed a detailed analysis of the City's operations and allocations; the team also conducted extensive research on operational best practices in other large cities across the country. The result of the project was a comprehensive plan that would support Houston in ensuring its long-term fiscal sustainability and economic growth.


Sankofa Nonprofit

Financial Modeling


NOLA Public Schools

Strategic Planning

SWBNO Utility

Workforce Model Review

Workforce Model Review

SWBNO (the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans) was seeking to gain a deeper understanding of its workforce model and related processes. TCCG is currently working with a partner consulting firm to perform an in-depth analysis of the utility's structure, policies, and procedures to identify ways that SWBNO can enhance the impact of its workforce and strengthen its overall effectiveness.

GNOFN Philanthropic

Coordination & Grant Management

Orleans Parish (County) Sheriff Strategic & Operational Planning


City of Petersburg, VA

Budget Analysis

Budget Analysis

The City of Petersburg, VA sought to identify actions it could take to  balance its annual operating budget. TCCG worked as part of a consulting team that engaged with City leaders and staff to understand the main drivers of the City's revenues and expenses. The team then developed a plan of action that would produce an estimated $28 million in new revenue/savings over a two-year period. The effort would lay the foundation for the City's long-term financial future and the services it could provide to its residents.


New Orleans Public Belt Railroad Operational Assessment & Planning

City of New Orleans

Mayoral Transition

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