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Our Services

We customize our support to meet our clients' specific needs



"When we serve a client, we become a part of the same team; we work hard for them--their success is our success."


--R. Erich Caulfield

Founder and President


The Caulfield Consulting Group

New Orleans, Louisiana
Phone: (504) 491-1254





Working in partnership with our clients, we help them to:


  • Develop strategic plans and implementation approaches based on in-depth market analysis


  • Create metrics and key performance indicators to track success


  • Improve existing operations and design new processes, systems, and organizational units


  • Manage the completion of large, critical and complex projects



We offer support in collaborating with internal and external stakeholders by helping our clients to:


  • Provide training and change management expertise for a variety of contexts and industries

  • Facilitate executive retreats, workshops, and other professional and community meetings 

  • Leverage partnerships with community-based organizations and local and federal government agencies

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